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tv   Ukraine News  PBS  May 3, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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year with the daily news was in the night it's kind of special by the first decree my name is anna nicole i know you can watch us and the fragrance is available at the london side's first chain to come. military vehicles in the center of kiev. last night on the nt coast was on soldiers go through the government quartet why i'm tooling for cement and tender heart of the capital began and how he intends appreciated it. from the story of how a journalist amen she doesn't cause any legit evening. this was a night of that estimate
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the government which it is today the key seat administration went out to be afraid to vehicles. it is part of ukraine and on its forces to onions. todd pearson soldiers of the state guard to the crane were brought to the center of kiev to practice possible katrina administration buildings. was added in a light color promptly and cinemas in years that we can narrate his object of sitting protection delivered on the nod on hickory and how quickly we can play some darts and waking email to be speaking this was due to appear more work than i have it. it was about to do more damage to gain information about changes in the center of kiev was contradictory. the exact location and time are kept secret even the residents of them i done this on defense were not informed under the rain stopped it was it nobody coordinate attendees who was asked for us it isn't yours. when it is necessary to selfish as his address us but sometimes it is a project to do is tell me to be at least one technologies and we also carry out certain
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actions as when we need to walk a little odd for the police and pro ball as the services. the situation to get it all remains under control stick to the key seat administration but as a checkup readiness of units in the capital is useful is in deep red as the desolate as the effectiveness of land was meant might be at the highest level. the train is going to get the dough is ready to for occasions all of them in taiwan's am and eleven years to create. number of presidential candidates to come east of the car less concentrated to the central election commission the statement about the trouble of her candidacy for the president of ukraine foreign minister of social policy and twice former presidential candidate explained her decision of desire to save the country from separation. i gently kissed am anxious to separate the country. i am for united's lead. i am for peace in my country. candidates hold fair elections persons helps not to sell than
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people's ages. it's wrong still i addressed all the falling two cents dollars in land has daily tea we don't play well. o let it settle for mr himself from the elections. this can be made to change his mind because of the allegedly unequaled camping opportunities. there was a tall application off site offer was received by the central election commission. the session the deadline for submission of such a play cases from pfizer candidates as at midnight on the first of may the court interesting to force twenty one candidates will participate in the twenty fourteen presidential race. meanwhile the spring and the sa richest states in the primaries last call for action is disrupting the presidential elections acting president and end of ukraine. thanks to all security forces to prevent such a scenario. expats in st that brainiac is most likely not to go to the situation in the eastern regions is unpredictable. the central election commission already
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staked it had to stand in the quantity of fluids that lectures will be recognized with you today. for now the top ten car is in the lead of the presidential race fall onto the unit tymoshenko. more details in the starring. a similar decision to withdraw from the presidential elections cheese dip and maybe candidate of the party of regions. can the state when she shows there will be no legitimate candidates from the sellers and east of penicillin and sees that no such candidates and actions in ukraine cannot be helped imo it's a similar decision to withdraw from the presidential elections has been banned by the candidate of the party of regions. i love that can cast in one scene shows there will be no legitimate candidates from the south and east of penicillin and sees that without such candidates and actions in ukraine cannot be helped the expenditure from anfield the party of regions to the depot will run for president it is claimed to represent his own interests but places in the state gop's campaign to association was
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russia. however police account nl east are skeptical of the chances of these candidates according to statistics the party of regions could lose its appeal it in the stands thousand agents. stepson and nicolette region is contesting any way to play a crane and i didn't eat it. this is contingent. a toast to choose to be won on the basis for the fight to the chancellor. oh wells while so you will know. oh but the eu. sedition is lately each and every candidate whether the gymnasts and that the diocese and russian as the second piece of land based in center for most of the opposite eds are overseas and on and on the most ridiculous she doesn't want to be friends with modern russia plans to get spring and that offence and defence potential. she also promises to fight for the games. in your basic communication she will bite me. nate and i sat and talked about to start in defence potential. she doesn't catch problems especially economics of it in
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my knee and it is a region of the absence of dollars of her eight years. the service men and a fun and the top of the senate caucus in the wild lands of protection from russia. isn't it so much mars earth. he wants to get back to occupy peninsula and to protect the country almost two additional rice pudding a mentorship and promises his attention and i say everything and you wonder it was the most appropriate to grant our hopes and their customers to the late e is associated with the sun appears to witness box and i had as characters from the states. it is great news is that he's used to and provided him the edge. this picture. with the waterfall as a candidate for presidency such as the new hubble is a list and then poke fun at school because someone at the fall behind the leaders expense of rights is here to candidates to the top boss of the country are not ready to talk about any specifics giving in to the fair city
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cranium for hans island traits that the self proclaimed cranium percent because of this golden extend this and russian law breakers it was taken by director of the cream from the foundation he is the owner of the premises in leeds the office of the mysteries of the cranium to tell people is looking to two weeks ago praying and self defense termination of back off ukraine. camille dean and intimately was we managed to try to prevent them to do it after that represented each of the self acclaimed second herself this is when the owners of the premises of criminality which it for propaganda and rollins in social and ethnic hatreds that's how the perspective of some fiscal phase in of apron and let go of that already and friends to zabeel to. the tools he used the act of intimidation is because it is governments mainly in the government had introduced us all folded and tucked it in and made from collect on replacing the flag beach and
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had executed them this situation in the keys to send their assaults on police to kill and diplomatic messages it was discussed yesterday said they meet in all i'm saying it's a new prime minister of ukraine and european diplomats sebastian paris and the sar be on the other clowns. prime minister emphasized that the main problem for ukraine are armed criminals supported by russia. however the government is taking all means use to stimulate the situation in the east according to get some new knowledge and most important task is to hold fair and transparent presidential elections to amend the constitution and to force russia to complain will whiz at its international obligations. secure. on the line that tell us putting that we can to help in amazing european military observers captured in eastern ukraine. today german chancellor and harassment that presidents have the talent of fun condensation. lynn and moscow egmond said the settlement of
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the situation. his maxim on the involvement of the osc mediators but it's still unknown who is of the hostages will be released and wet. earlier russia stint in military observers of the captured by ukrainians that barrett is still in sound to the site above their release. the international monetary fund and probes and seventeen billion dollars loan to ukraine. how it will be paid in three steps during two years. the first part of racing here and will never see in the making and the next base. one side of this amount will be used for payment of budgetary deficit a man of the second and this are times when depend on the results of money starring as it will be carried out every two months the assistance of the imf is aimed at restoration and fencing of the economic stability of ukraine. urgent action was necessary. eric decisive matches were taken by ukraine and decisive measures have just been taken
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by the imf. so there has been a very strong endorsement for the program which it will release over the course of the next two years seventeen point one billion dollars. in that. different instalments over the course of this two years. it's a program which i as implementation risks. it's one where we are trying to mitigate the risk as much as recount instead the imf predicts their ascension to the russian economy. economic growth rate in russia has been slowly but steadily falling part of what this statement ahead of the russian high investments the situation is worsening because of the geopolitical conflict the international monetary fund forecast that in twenty fourteen capital outflow from russia could reach one hundred billion dollars. the eu and the u s sanctions will have negative and takes on the investment
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climate plants under duress facts. mini me was celebrated in different countries of the word. however somewhere slogans and flex were not enough. more details in this sorry. nineteen there is crap this has happened in russia since this is the teaching and three two inches for years to rally support has remained in oz the streets of moscow. he secured a loan now still cheaper to serve the pasta in the heart of the cg but there are no leaders and the mausoleum podium because the repair works. the dance of matching people identical to the study of toons. this is what decent wages and on and paint. in a sweat. every new more challenging fresh and alert and it's about twenty f and support of the years in eastern ukraine. i'll send pictures but the things you must subject which they held their very nice to walk and in support of ukraine and europe. the chosen music of them as they enter the event and send ukrainian and some
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listed and dusted them on terms and organizers of the march minutes to get admission to do it in evidence. carries around a cuban style ceremony is unchangeable for decades crowds on the streets. but really they're speaking to people trying to use the crowds carrying flowers and red flecks wasn't even close. after each word victim of its celebration of maintaining utility in turn every sin began peacefully in bed and it was a fight opponents of the chilies and went on to the streets by now leans in to police with stones and sticks. as a result at least i strike it rich with the kind of boss said happily surprised at the stairs are in hospital in turkey control and maybe despite a ban on for at least in the revolutionary sixteen square someone to cry and try to break through that was there. police used twenty ten and auntie against witches thousand policemen were sent to protect these and easton will listen to some festive
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treat. russian for me is to enlighten plate in america on the situation in ukraine. in the mud the russian diplomat once again repeated that the sanctions of the west against russia on eating less and is about keeping an upstart is about to blame for the unrest in houston ukraine sydney love all this time to lay on the tour around fleet in america in every country that tells about the events in the east and the cells to ukraine. he has already visited him at tiling any kind. we get an impression digital age in america. there is a lack of information about what is happening in ukraine. we tried to kill ms campbell grew. guess i just can't get into allies there is instability should engage in dialect was representatives of the peace and solace with integrity and knowledge of how into it read the work over the door to go. it was and i just got a thing as an efficient
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ukraine. you can find more details at the bottom side street chain dot com. my name is ann and kelantan which is really good bye. thank you to try out. it's wonderful to be back at the crisis media center. let me say at the top how proud i am of our affiliation with the center but also how important is that the center has developed a way that's as a voice for authoritative information on engaging with all of ukraine ukrainian symbolic language this is especially with this one is particularly important i felt like it it's been a couple of weeks since i've been here all that the senate so i thought i could do was offer some quick opening remarks of the few issues on my mind this afternoon and then take questions whatever direction would be most useful to everybody. let me start with a couple of quick remarks about the issues of the day. i just know how
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truly disgusted i was armed by the events yesterday internet's of the really brutal attacks the violent attacks on women and children and elderly people are the folks who become our internet's to demonstrate in favor of national unity of in favor of a democratic future for ukraine. i think it's quite telling that so many people were prepared to put it on the law and the way they did. in yesterday's march and i think it's quite sad that you had this brutal violent attack on by people who were clearly there with the goal of causing mayhem on let me also say i'm a couple of minutes late today because i'm coming from a meeting with the oic secretary general mr garnett who was here along with to grow them in the representative of the osce chairman in office and we're adding another in what has been for the past
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two weeks or so daily meetings with the ukrainian government on the implementation of the junior framework for de escalation of the crisis in ukraine. on this has been for us on a productive channel four in gauging on these issues and in particular to hear from the ukrainian government. the progress that we see in their implementation of the geneva forever i was pleased and honored yesterday to join russian european arm colleagues as well as foreign minister to shoot said. um and that they're acting there keep on as we walked through kids got to see the progress that has been made on in the renovation of that building exciting front of it close for renovations are with the foreign to it being reopened after the twenty fifth with a democratically elected there but clearly in fulfilment of
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god the goal of that geneva sets out for the release of all administrative buildings we hope very much. that's the armed forces in eastern ukraine. we see is qualitatively different but that those forces will take similar action and in the nearest future. we're encouraged by what we see happening in terms of the government's progress on a broad amnesty law which understandings been abated in the run this afternoon. we also welcome the further progress that the government is making in its development of a framework for constitutional reform. i've developed devolution of local authority greater local responsibility on issues of governance and budgets in particular. all of these steps to represent to our point of the substantial progress on that key has made it with elements of the geneva objectives. we regret the fact of russia has not yet been able to exercise pressure on to encourage
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similar action in the east where obviously the situation continues to deteriorate including today's reporting of seizure of the administrative building in the cards maybe to last us for points in the week and we can open up to questions. for smaller side note in my opening remarks i think for the united states right now are indeed i think for the people of ukraine nothing is more important at this moment the national unity. this is the time of when the country needs to pull together. in the face of an outside threat in the face the challenges that have been created. we appreciate the signals that have come from political leaders across the spectrum in support of that objective. um i would share one anecdote of vice president biden's visit last week. for me one of the most encouraging aspect of the visit was his meeting with the leaders where he met with a broad range of
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political leaders across the spectrum. several presidential candidates several notable candidates but the one message that every single one of the political leaders and su one way or another was committed to national unity the commitment to the idea of ukrainian territorial integrity ukraine ukrainian unity of any ukraine which moves forward on within its current within its current constitutional boundaries are finally i just a note. we are now chorus less than four weeks out from presidential elections are arguably the most important election in the history of ukraine the united states is strongly committed to the success of the selections of all i have joined by european counterpart the best attendance key for several conversations with the election commission the united states or agency for international development is supporting the conduct of elections. through our partnership with ipc international federation for
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election systems. we also expect in addition to the very large observer mission that the osce will be deploying in a deep as our deployed here to ukraine on we will expect large delegations from our political party institutes from the national democratic institute from the international republican institute. i think this is a signal to the ukrainian people are that they will enjoy strong engagement strong support from the international community certainly from the united states as they move towards is critically important elections for the united states as i've said before deciding the most important thing is that this election be free and fair to reflect the will of the ukrainian people are traces of the ukrainian people any help to continue the process of recapturing ukraine's democracy. they began god began on february february twenty first. so maybe with those opening remarks let me
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turn it over to questions and we can take their conversation whatever direction would be useful to you. somehow. questions from the east. i forgot half of them is the most simple brown from al jazeera english tutor questions as to what seems to be a distinction emphasis or just difference in emphasis between the us. pressure from the unions sanctions against russia. i wondered what you feel from the american point of view with the european union is going far enough. on second of all in relation to events that are happening in the east there is grave concern now that the ukrainian police. we had it in a press briefing just to produce ago are simply incapable or unwilling to do that you all on the east mesa to be slipping away from
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the administration kiev. what concerns you have in relation to its banks while the first question let me say obviously we've court made it very closely with our european partners throughout this exercise throughout are engaged. i'm going to be tactical differences you see that as a manifestation of the different legal frameworks in which our legal systems in which our sinks in regimes unfold on but i don't see a great deal of daylight between brussels and washington on these questions in fact we have the same strategic objective arm and i think united states has been clear that. objective of the sanctions is not sanctions for their own sick sick but sanctions to encourage a change and pack from step to encourage russia to to take the diplomatic off to to take the diplomatic course we try to chart out of that certain goals europe shares. so while i think you may see occasional differences and in implementation on the practical than the practical approaches i
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think exactly the same at this point has been careful accordance with going forward the question of the security situation on the dc a couple of things obviously we are watching developments in these very closely. we have worked in the past and we continue to work. scorsese's programs with ukrainian security institutions. we welcome the very prudent approach that the ukrainian government has taken to mention that the security challenges created by the separatism in the east in the outside support for separatists in its. i think it's it's worth noting that the government has taken an extremely prudent approach of making clear for instance install the odds that their intention is not to buy lovely clear the city. but to uphold ukrainian law and to try it too. to cordon
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the stability as best they can. and we continue to work closely with ukrainian security counterparts in support of that objective. we certainly support the actions that ukraine is taking to uphold ukrainian law. i think of. as concerned. that is as we are about these activities i think it's worth remembering when talking about relatively small groups of people are often led by an armed echelon and i haven't seen the teacher up reports the actor who haunts this afternoon benefits from the usual template. the guys with guns and book lovers who are sort of the leading edge who were then followed by some of these local groups who then set up set up shop but this is still relatively isolated i were talking about on small plots of instability in an environment where all the polling data suggests that the vast majority of the people of the dog box persephone was to remain as part of an integrated ukraine
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and want to see their economic and other concerns addressed through the purposes and certainly not survive and said that it probably i would let me just emphasize as i sit in my opening remarks i see no sympathy at all for the kind of outrageous parts. that was inflicted on these demonstrators in the nets yesterday and i think that says alot about what we're dealing with the sport were dealing with people with wheat knives and baseball hats chasing after him and beating of elderly people women children on there's no place for that. there's no place for that and democracy in some. the initial news arms to mr stokes on the show's final cleaning of the creamy on the look of the church or its own within fifteen days there should inform the relevant executive body. the most suitable i'm kinda sick of this position as minister for premium and
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would shoot ukraine government do in order to support the ukrainian citizens in the crimea on a point except to take these russians that is an activity called they can feel that the government support. those are all we all really good questions mostly questions to be answered by the ukrainian government obviously for purposes of the united states we do not recognize the illegal occupation and annexation of crime yet without regard to recognize the annexation. so we recognize the requirements under ukrainian law to fund a legal regime to govern issues of taxes and business transactions that need to continue. but i think how to shape those shape those policies of those are questions to be determined entirely by the ukrainian government with with no really constructive input that i can provide from the outset. i will say that united states stands ready to go to work with ukraine to offer ukraine are legal advice as i know many other
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governments have offered as well as ukrainian government begins to develop its legal strategy for dealing with the invasion the illegal occupation and annexation of crimea. they're obviously been a novel legal issues are raised on in the business fear and the spirit of international law. on that obviously we stand ready to be helpful to ukraine to the extent they choose to use the legal mechanisms that they have available to address those issues. he's the boss of the police and indonesian deval the look and who look and then go lament and more cost to do in a concert goer month again today is. mini gift. listen in to get sixteen eighteen you can see in the room all told the court went on and do
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new to you to your needs what was to go dormant in short the time. chris didn't want to add to that thank you for the question is at one under vine. these are decisions that the government of ukraine needs to make the international community united states cannot make these decisions we appreciate very much. the approach that the ukrainian government has pursued. in particular i think we would endorse the strategy that the prime minister yeltsin you can sprout of attacking this as both a security problem but also a political problem. we see the outreach to eastern oval as the prime minister and his team having kitchen is being very important we welcome the steps that the prime minister has taken with this process of constitutional reform intended to address the grievances that people in eastern ukraine had expressed intended to identify a formula to deepen democracy to enhance prospects for
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economic growth clearly there's a security dimension to these issues and we will never question the ukrainian government's rights the decision to uphold its own laws including through through the enforcement mechanisms. we also acknowledge and happen to agree with. the judgment the prime minister has made ultimately if ukraine is to insulate itself against the kind of instability that is being prevented from outside it is coming across with these political tourists in a phrase that nobody heard until two months ago. i'm a bit of ukraine is to insulate itself against these kind of sound effects. it will need to continue the process of democratization deepening democracy deepening local authority are deepening economic authority at the lowest level in order to give people a sense of ownership but a sense of ownership. as part of it as
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part of a unified ukraine and that's the most important principle. moo. this program is brought you why. from norway's main stream whose work is wise. the group explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report called encounters and access to wilkinson